Week of June 5, 2023

The weather this week was weird. We had a hail storm on Tuesday, then smokey, hazy orange skies on Wednesday and Thursday as smoke from the Canadian wildfires moved in. I didn’t take photos of the smoke, but you probably saw them on the news.

Thursday night Charlie refused to go to bed without Bunny, who we had not seen for a week. So we turned the house and car upside down looking for Bunny, who I eventually found between the covers at the foot of the bed, where we tuck the covers under the mattress. Bunny had made a little warren down there.

Saturday morning we had over some parents with kids around Charlie’s age to play and have breakfast in the backyard. We made pancakes out there on the Blackstone and generally had a good time.

Though after two out of the three families left, Charlie finally opened up. He seems to do better with small groups, so going forward we’ll probably prioritize playdates with just one family at a time.

It is interesting seeing kids a couple months older than Charlie. It is amazing how much language use and independent mobility (like stairs!) spikes around the 2 year mark. A couple months ago we thought that stuff was still far off for Charlie, but we notice weekly improvements in both areas now. It is so cool watching him grow.

I spent some time Sunday morning doing yard work (mowing, mending a hole in the mower’s grass collecting bag, watering and fertilizing the plants, pulling out some poison ivy that popped up), and moving some things out of the basement and garage to post on the local Buy Nothing group, and cleaning up two used window air conditioners a friend gave us. Amanda and Charlie played with the hose and washed some stuff outside. Charlie absolutely LOVES playing with the hose.

Scenes from the garden. Charlie loves helping water the plants. Purple peas are starting to come in.

Sometimes Charlie likes wearing his cowboy hat around 🤠

I finished Critical Mass by Daniel Suarez yesterday and started Golden Son by Pierce Brown.

I started my weekly veggie CSA ideas posts again over at cooklikechuck.com. Here is the first one:

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  1. Robert Felty Avatar

    That is a fantastic hat!

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