Week of April 10, 2023

Within the span of a week, the trees went from having no leaves to the majority having leaves! Things are looking pretty green.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week. Walks in the woods, swinging, climbing, lunches and dinners on the deck, watching the excavator and dump truck working across the street, and generally soaking up as much sun as we can.

Charlie got to sit in a fire truck this week! We were walking downtown by the fire station and stopped to look at the trucks. The nice firefighters asked if he’d like to check one out, then let him sit in the driver’s seat and beep the horn. They also gave him a little fire helmet and a first aid kit.

I got out to row on the Croton River Friday after work while Amanda and Charlie were having a play date with Meg and Miles.

Charlie enjoys sitting in the boat and saying “Row Row!” like the song. I can’t wait to take him out in it this summer. We’ll start with small inland lakes at first and have some friends in other boats close by as well.

Now that Charlie is getting better at walking on his own, we are venturing further into the woods. Some things Charlie enjoys during those walks:

  • Carrying rocks
  • Watching birds and frogs
  • Watching ants
  • Sitting by the creek
  • Running back and forth across the little wooden bridges over the creek
  • Throwing the rocks he carried into the creek
  • Touching trees
  • Tossing leaves in the air

I put more holds on Charlie’s climbing wall so he has more options. He is getting the hang of it!

Trout lilies are blooming!

We had quite a range of temperatures this week. The weather station measured a high of 96.4 °F and a low of 32.0 °F for the week. It rained a half inch on Saturday night.

Sleep has been a struggle in the Grimmett house this week. Charlie is having trouble falling asleep and is waking up coughing due to mucus dripping down his throat. Poor little guy.

Until next week 👋

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  1. Jeremy Felt Avatar

    That swing set climbing wall is inspiring. I think we’re going to have to work on one of our own soon!
    Sunday, Apr 16 at 15:32

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