Week of April 3, 2023

On Friday I built Charlie a climbing wall on one side of his swing set. He took to it immediately and surprised us with how well he climbs. I made the holds a little far apart for his feet, so we help him with his foot placement right now, but he does most of the pulling himself up with his arms. I ordered more holds and will install them this week. I also need to sand the cut sides and cut off & cap the bolts on the other side. Once I do, I’ll get a proper post up about it.

Charlie had a great weekend. Lots of time outside. Here it is in photos.

We got to see Chris Johnson and Megan Walter in Poughkeepsie this weekend. I somehow managed to not take any photos, but it was nice to catch up with Chris, meet Meg, introduce Charlie as a toddler (Chris met Charlie a year ago), walk around outside a bit, and have dinner at Millhouse Brewing.

Planning some time here in Peekskill together soon.

Finishing the attic probably isn’t going to happen. We had an architect come over and help us navigate what is and isn’t possible to pass code requirements. So much hassle! Sprinklers on the third floor above grade all the way to the exit, 3ft wide stairs with 3×3 landings and a certain amount of headspace that would require dormers, so much insulation that we’d have to extend the rafters out, much larger windows, etc. Long story short, the space we’d add is not worth the amount of work we’d have to do not just on the attic but on the house in general and the associated cost. Kind of a bummer.

I guess we’ll table that one and instead look at replacing the fence and expanding the deck again soon.

We’ve been looking into solar, but not having a great experience with solar sales people. We want to buy your product. Stop making it so difficult, folks!

The high this week on the weather station was 77.7 °F. The low was 26.9 °F.

Humidity high and low: 98% and 14%

Spring is in full swing. Lots of flowers and trees blooming and budding out, double the amount of birds compared to two weeks ago, and lots of things sprouting in the garden (peas, kale, spinach, radishes).

We’ve had lunch and dinner on the deck multiple times. Lovely.

Amanda has to go into the city twice a week for work now, so we are all adjusting to new morning and evening routines. The baristas at the coffee shop by the train recognize Charlie now and tell all the other customers about how much he likes trains.

Charlie hit a new milestone this week: He started anthropomorphizing some of his stuffed animals. He moves their arms to make them do things like push buttons, he tucks them in to bed like we do with him, and tries to feed them. It is adorable.

Until next week 👋

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