Week of March 27, 2023

Out in the garden, radishes and spinach seeds have sprouted. 🌱

Inside, tomatillos and tomatoes are doing great, and red lipstick peppers just sprouted.

Did you know most peppers and tomatoes are perennials? They can’t survive the winter in the north, but they’ll live for many years in the tropics.

We’ve been quizzing Charlie regularly while we read to him. He picks things up quickly and remembers them pretty well!

He is trying more words. We think he is on the cusp of making use of phrases, and this is roughly a developmentally appropriate time for that.

We had a playdate on Saturday with one of his classmates at daycare. It was fun to watch him collaboratively play with someone from daycare. They get along so well!

We went back to swim lessons this week and he did pretty well, though he did get distracted easily. Sometimes he’d rather watch the other kids than do the exercises.

Charlie enjoyed going to a diner and using a booster seat instead of a highchair. They also have cool things like crayons and sugar packets to play with. We found it easier to wrangle him in a booth than at a regular table, so diners might be our new preferred genre of restaurants when going out with Charlie, at least until outdoor seating opens up at other places again.

He loves to request to wear pieces of clothing like his gardening apron, a certain jacket, or one of his hats, which sometimes leads to him wearing a winter hat to the coffee shop when it is 60F/15.5C outside.

I have a working script to translate my weather station data to an APRS data packet. Now all I need to do is figure out how to transmit it. I’ve been looking for a CWOP server that accepts http connections, but coming up blank. I’ll probably end up POSTing the converted data to a PHP script on another server and then forwarding that to a CWOP server that accepts TCP connections.

Helpful links:

I led a discussion on AI with Praxis this week. Here is my post-discussion writeup:

I also sent them this afterward, which I came across a few days later (h/t Jeremy Felt)

How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide
People often ask me how to use AI. Here’s an overview with lots of links.

Reading: Not a lot of time to read right now, but slowly making my way through Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age. I’m about halfway through.

To be honest, it was a pretty difficult week at work and home, so this is about all I’ve got without complaining. See you next week 👋

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    Last year we brought a potted tomato plant inside and it continued to grow for almost a year. I was shocked, but now it makes more sense.

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