Week of February 27, 2023

Monday was my birthday!

We celebrated the day before with a day trip to Kingston and Woodstock, where we visited a bunch of indie bookstores and two restaurants I’ve wanted to try. It was a really nice day!

The find of the day was the full Sandman series, each book signed by Gaiman, at regular retail price. I’ve only ever checked these out of the library, so I’m stoked to have the full set on my shelf now.

Day-of I had to work, but I made a nice dinner for the three of us at home and Amanda and Charlie got me an ice cream cake.

Check out my birthday post:

We had some snow on Tuesday! It was the first major snow of the year. We took Charlie out for a sled ride in the woods.

Charlie has some new words this week: Open and Taco. He’s been asking us to open various things all week and it is pretty cute. He’s also been pointing out words he already knows wherever he sees (the object) or hears them, and his recognition/noticing is getting pretty good.

Wheels on the Bus is still his favorite song, but Row, Row, Row Your Boat is closing the gap.

He and I were on our own for a couple days this week while Amanda travelled for work, which meant some early morning breakfast outings. This little NY toddler loves Bacon, Egg, and Cheese breakfast sandwiches.

I created a plugin to pull down data from my home weather station and display it in a custom block. The data updates every 10 minutes. I’m also gathering daily summaries behind the scenes for future blocks to come.

Here is the block in action. It is currently “no frills” and needs some styling and a round of code clean up, but I’m happy with the first working version.

Current weather conditions from KNYPEEKS11

Last updated: 2023-06-16 02:26:36

58°FHeat Index
58°FActual Temp
58°FWind Chill
0UV IndexUV index sparkline over the past 48 hours
Low risk, no protection needed.
0 in/hrPrecip Rate
0 inTotal Precip
56 °FDew Point
29.99 inHgPressure
Holding steady ↔️
0 mphWind Speed
0 mphWind Gust

This block will live permanently at https://cagrimmett.com/weather/

You can find the plugin code on GitHub: https://github.com/cagrimmett/wunderground-pws-wp-blocks

Some things I have in mind for future updates:

  • Highs, lows, and averages for the past 7 days, past 30 days, and months, quarters, and years.
  • Maybe some historical charts.
  • Styling for better representation of the data.

I’m also open to ideas for more blocks using this data. Would would be cool to see? The current block is dynamic, but I’m open to some static blocks, too.

The Carthusian monks, who have been producing Chartreuse since 1605, will be limiting production and allocating their bottles in an effort to devote more time to monastic life. “We look to do less but better and for longer,” reads the memo, which also considers the costly environmental impacts of production and distribution of the beloved herbal liqueur.

We were pretty well stocked on the yellow Chartreuse, but picked up another large bottle of the green this weekend before the prices sky rocket even more than they already have. Get some while you can!

I expect to see some more alternatives/knock-offs coming to market over the next year. Lots of boutique bitters and amaro producers are well positioned to do it.

Heck, I might try making some. The process isn’t that different from making the ginger liqueur, falernum, and pimento dram I’ve made in the last year. Plus it will give me an excuse to go to Kalustyan’s again.

We got out and did a little bit of yard work this weekend, mostly trimming trees and bushes, and clearing out dead plants to make way for the new shoots. I noticed peonies, lilies, and rhubarb emerging out of the ground this week!

I also ordered some seeds this weekend. I plan to get seeds started in the next couple weeks. New for us this year: Cherry tomatoes are replacing the heirloom slicing tomatoes that always seem to split and the animals get to before we do, a new variety of pea (sugar magnolia snap peas), and spinach for some additional early season harvesting. Also bought some foxglove seeds to add another perennial to the flower beds.

I’m looking forward to getting back out in the garden!

Time for bed. See you next week 👋

5 responses to “Week of February 27, 2023”

  1. Robert Felty Avatar

    If you haven’t already ordered your cherry tomatoes, I would highly recommend some “sun sugar”. They are a yellow cherry tomato, and are super sweet. I can envision Charlie loving pulling them right off the vine and eating them.

    We have not had a garden since 2017, and are very much looking forward to having one again.

  2. Dr. Kevin Higgins Avatar
    Dr. Kevin Higgins

    Happy Birthday!!!

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