Week of February 20, 2023

Busy week!

My parents were in town last weekend, so I published my weekly post early and was offline for most of the weekend.

They helped us put in new bookshelves in my office and moved the chalk board. I love it! This opens up the space and gives it more of a study feel instead of a classroom feel.

Having a background of books for calls is better than having a chalkboard + pull down map, in my opinion (though I don’t have any screenshots of me on the previous background handy, perhaps some coworkers do):

They also helped us hang a weather station they gifted me for my birthday and a birdhouse with a camera in it that I got from my aunt and uncle for Christmas.

I’ll write a full post on the weather station soon, but for now you can see the weather data on:

…and any app that pulls in one of those sources! I’m currently pulling in the data to CARROT Weather. It has been super cool to watch the rain and wind more closely and know the data is coming from my weather station.

For fun, here are some weather charts from my station’s observations this week:

February 20, 2023 – February 26, 2023
Temperature47.7 °F18.4 °F35.1 °F
Dew Point38.6 °F6.6 °F25.8 °F
Humidity98 %35 %71 %
Precipitation0.27 in
Wind Speed15.7 mph0.0 mph0.6 mph
Wind Gust26.6 mph1.2 mph
Wind DirectionWest
Pressure30.79 in29.82 in

My next step is to figure out how to get the weather to CWOP, too. APRS isn’t exactly a REST API that you can post JSON to. In the meantime I plan to work on a custom block to pull in the current Wunderground observations and display them on a page on this site.

The birdhouse needs electricity, so we set it up on the side of the shed/workshop. No one has taken up residence yet.

Charlie had a great weekend with his grandparents. It is wonderful watching them love him and seeing how much he loves them, too.

The aforementioned sleep training improved dramatically last weekend. Since last Friday he has slept through the night until ~5:30-6:30am, at which point he comes to snuggle in our bed for a little while to wake up. This is the first time he has consistently slept through the night (we had some short stretches before, but never like this), so we are all sleeping better.

The pre-bedtime routine is now more important than ever, and Charlie expects to read at least four books and sing a round of Wheels on the Bus, his current favorite song. He knows all the hand motions.

He is also taking naps in his bed most of the time now, which means less naps snuggling on us, but more time for us to do the dishes, cook, do laundry, and clean up. Tradeoffs.

We put up a tent in Charlie’s room this week, which he loves:

We got snow on Feb 25! I thought for sure we were going to go the rest of the season without snow. Looks like more is coming on the 27th and 28th. Looks like I need to move some stuff so we can get our vehicle in the garage 😬 ❄️

Unexpectedly had to replace our tires this week. Wheels were out of alignment, so the tire wires were showing on the inside edges and the vehicle wouldn’t pass inspection. I asked the mechanic to see, and they weren’t bullshitting me. Fun.

It is a year to the week since I popped a tire and had to get a new one. At least I got to keep the new one I bought then as a backup.

Work this week was lots of racing against the clock to figure out Stripe fraud rules (Radar) and evaluating a surfeit of individual transactions. Then planning out a migration away from AWS, also against the clock.

“One must work with time and not against it.“

Ursula K. Le Guin

I finally got to try out my homemade falernum this week. I made a Chartreuse Swizzle. I’m pleased!

The Tavern included some of my art in a recent post:

That’s all for now 👋

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