Week of January 30, 2023

After I posted last week’s update, we went to Beacon, NY, and had a nice family day exploring parts of Main St that we haven’t gone to yet. Charlie walked almost a mile on his own and overall we had a really good time. We had burgers and fries at Meyer’s Olde Dutch, which we recommend.

Charlie had a big week! He moved up to a new room at daycare and he got his first haircut. No photos yet because he is teething and kind of grumpy today, so we’ll catch him at a happier time later.

We got him a learning tower and he has enjoyed helping is make breakfast and dinner all week. Also helping Momma make banana bread!

Two ways he showed some new skills this week:

  1. We came across one of those “find this object” puzzles in a Highlights magazine (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!). He was able to quickly find the objects!
  2. While helping me make coffee in his learning tower (he likes to dump the beans into the grinder and help me crank the grinder handle), he pointed to the coffee filters on the wall, which is the correct next step, and put it into the Chemex when I handed it to him. Before we know it he’ll be making coffee on his own.

Forget improv classes. Drive a car with a grumpy toddler in the back seat. You’ll figure out how to riff off of whatever you see pretty quickly since the stakes are higher.

I’m still not feeling good consistently, which is very frustrating. Last week I wrote about my eyes and persistent cough. Thankfully my eyes are better, but my cough is still. I also had body aches twice this week (Wednesday and Saturday) and a fever once (Saturday). Today I have a sore throat. Charlie’s cough hasn’t gone away yet either. We are all very ready to be rid of this.

Amanda and I were able to go have a lunch date this week, which was really nice. We both agreed that we need to prioritize that more.

The “spy balloon” was such an absurd situation this week. I like Arnaud Bertrand’s take.

Charging for the Twitter API and the very poor sudden communication without a concrete plan (one week notice, no details), may be Musk’s biggest misstep at Twitter yet other than buying Twitter in the first place.

Christina Warren said it best: $100/month is not something someone will pay for a small hobbyist project (which is one of the core things that makes Twitter great!), but it is something that scammers with stolen credit card numbers will pay, just like they did with Twitter Blue, another Musk Misstep™️.

Then the next day, shutting off API access for certain apps without notice? Very nice move.

My microblog posts may stop autoposting to Twitter, I’m not sure 🤷‍♂️

I also noticed last week that Twitter removed the card preview from the validator tool. That is annoying because half of the reason to use the validator is that it fetched fresh content from the site, which was a way to force updates on preview cards. I suspect that the preview in Tweet Composer is working off of cached data and there is now no way to force an update. The announcement.

The person who runs the Year Progress bot also said it pretty well: “Twitter management can eat shit.”

I already posted about this on my microblog, but since these weekly posts and the shorter ones have different audiences, I thought I’d post it here too:

The Museu de Matemàtiques de Catalunya (www.mmaca.cat) in Barcelona, Spain, added a photo I took of a cycloid to their interactive cycloid exhibit room!

I blogged about taking this photo in 2008. I won a physics photo contest with it! My parents helped me take the photo and that is their old Suburban in it. Since then it has also been published in a magazine in Japan. One key reason, in my opinion, is that I put my photos out under a Creative Commons license.

I’ve been at this consistently for a year now!

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