Week of January 16, 2023

Remember how last week we thought Charlie had RSV? It turns out we were wrong and he had the flu. I know because I got it on Sunday and had to see a doctor on Thursday due to dehydration. It hit me like a truck on Sunday and I spent 90% of my time Sun-Thurs in bed. I vomited from Mon-Weds and kept barely anything down. Stabbing headaches the entire time.

I had to call in a friend to watch Charlie Tuesday night and ask Amanda to come home from a work trip early because just getting him dressed and taking him to daycare took all the energy I had. It took a lot to make those asks and disrupt their plans. This was a rough week.

As of Saturday morning I’m slowly getting back on my feet and contributing around the house again. Made breakfast, started cleaning the upstairs, stripped the beds.

We were planning on getting flu shots this year, but never rescheduled when we canceled because Charlie was sick. That is a mistake we won’t make next year.

I did nothing besides lay in bed for the first three days, and I only started watching Netflix and listening to audiobooks on the fourth and fifth days.

I finished season 4 of Ozark (the final season, so I finished the series) and I finished the last couple episodes I had left of Andor. Ozark was dark, gritty, and terrific. Not something you want to watch while in a sensitive state of mind. While Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner have been in lots of other stuff, I think they’ll be permanently tied to their Ozark roles in my head. The final episode wrapped things up in ways I didn’t expect.

Andor was okay. I don’t think I really get the twist at the end of the last episode. I’m getting tired of all the Star Wars spin offs and have a hard time keeping them in chronological order in my head relative to the original trilogy.

On Friday I picked up Blake Crouch’s Recursion again and finished Part I. Really good so far.

It is such a shame that Tweetbot and Twitterific lost API access to Twitter and that Twitter is being silent about it. What bullshit. That open access to build upon is one of the things that helped make Twitter great.

Tweetbot was my third party Twitter app of choice, so I’m glad to see them working on a Mastodon client.

The WordPress Org’s marketing team shared some of my photos this week:

Dolphins in the Bronx River again! Starlight Park is a good ways from the mouth of the river, almost to the Bronx Zoo.

I posted meal plans for the last two weeks that have been completely tossed aside, so I’ll go back and revisit those this week. I also have to do the same with my work plans and personal plans for our family and for this website.

That’s all I’ve got. Here’s hoping for a normal, sickness-free week at the Grimmett house this coming week.

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