Week of June 27

Charlie’s illness ended up getting worse early this week, despite looking like it was clearing up over last weekend, so it was another week of keeping a sick baby home from daycare while we tried to work. The doctor said that the poor guy had a double ear infection.

Then I caught whatever caused his illness, which knocked me out for a couple days, too. I assumed it was Covid, but everyone’s tests came back negative. Some other upper respiratory virus, then.

Thankfully the antibiotics seem to be working and Charlie is doing a lot better now. I’m still recovering, but also doing better.

I think the only thing of note to report this week is Charlie’s mobility. He graduated from army crawling to regular crawling! His holding on to the furniture and walls while cruising has greatly improved, too. He can make it around corners, transfer between objects with gaps as wide as his arms are long, and climb over obstacles in his path. He is on the move now.

I finished listening to King of the Vagabonds while rocking a sleeping Charlie this week.

I’m thankful for the break this holiday weekend provides. I’m going to spend as much of it as I can offline because I spent entirely too much time on Twitter while I was sick, which isn’t good for one’s mental state.

Looking forward to splashing with Charlie in his little turtle pool, taking some walks, having a small cookout with friends, watering the garden, getting ice cream, and reading Ivan Doig’s English Creek.

See you next week 👋

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    Chuck I know you are into local foods, have you looked at the benefits of raw milk for kids? My kids have gotten sick since drinking it. I know, small sample size. https://www.rawmilkinstitute.org/updates/letter-to-medical-professionals-about-raw-milk

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