Week of Feb 14

Last week I posted about writing descriptions of the small seasons in the lower Hudson Valley. I now have a page going for that with two entries. You can find that over at https://notes.cagrimmett.com/outdoors/small-seasons-of-the-lower-hudson-valley/

Ice melts, daffodils start to pop out of the ground. Stink bugs wake up.

Small Seasons of the Lower Hudson Valley

Speaking of: After kicking the idea around in my head for over a year, I planted a digital garden. You can check it out at https://notes.cagrimmett.com. It is very much in its early stages and I have a lot to add, both in terms of functionality and content.

The coffee cherries on my coffee plant are starting to ripen! This is the first time in the 10 years that I’ve had this plant that it has produced cherries. I’m very excited!

The local bakery, Signal Fire Bread, has baguettes each week now, so I picked some up this week and made jambon buerre sandwiches for lunch (ham, butter, and homemade pickles, though I also added cheese and mustard because I’m an American, after all.) I think this might turn into a regular Friday occurrence.

I’m starting to sway back and forth to the rhythms of paternity leave. I’m getting more used to working around naps and Charlie started rolling back to front consistently this week, slept completely through the night once, and developed a new habit of blowing raspberries. He is eating more real foods now, including yogurt, banana, sweet potato, carrot, and apple sauce.

My 41 day Wordle streak ended with Wordle 244, then it took me 6 tries with #245, the first time it has taken me 6. I’m going downhill.

Twitter recently added a feature that prompts you to read an article before sharing. Good on Twitter for adding it.

I got it when I was about to share a comment about the Neuralink animal testing article and not wanting to give a computer access to my brain. But when I read the article I realized that I hadn’t considered the possibilities it opens up for people with disabilities. Animal trials still suck, but I’m not as anti-computer/brain interfaces as I was before reading the article.

I posted a guide to understanding my favorite podcast, Conversations with Tyler.

The WordPress.org photo directory I posted about last week is now a proper Make team! I joined a call with some of the folks on Friday to discuss the path forward with the photo directory and am excited about being a part of it. It is also cool to see first-hand how the governance and decision-making process works.

I enjoy sketching patterns with p5.js. I saw this one on a door in The Witcher and had to sketch it.

What I’m Reading

  • Two posts on creating watercolor-esque graphics with code
  • Chris Hardie’s Unlocking email content into RSS feeds redux with WordPress and Postie
    • Last week I posted about using Feedbin’s email address for newsletters. Chris Hardie’s approach here is convenient for things that should have a public feed but do not, and I’ll keep this in my back pocket for future projects. Chris also had the great idea of using an email address at a domain he controls and aliasing it to the address for a service like Feedly or Feedbin. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of that, but I’m now switching my newsletter subscriptions over to an address I control and aliasing it to Feedbin.
  • Kevin Kelley’s list of Contemporary Heresies. Lots here that would be on my list, too. I should jot down my own soon.
  • I really like the Big Here quiz Kevin Kelly posted about, too. I don’t know all of the answers for where I live in Peekskill, but I intend to find out and publish the answers in my digital garden.

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