Converting an Aperture Library to Lightroom

I have multiple old Aperture photo libraries that I can’t really use anymore. Aperture doesn’t run on El Capitan and I don’t have any system that it can run on. I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for the past four years anyway. So I did some research into options into how I can retrieve my photos.

Opening the package

The great thing about Aperture was that it always kept the master images and applied edits on the fly. So I knew that I could get the master images out of Aperture. The way you can get to them is right-clicking on the library file and selecting “Show Package Contents.” Then you can take the masters folder and copy it out of the library.

Plugin from Adobe

Adobe also has a plugin to copy over images and metadata.

Preserving your edits?

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to also preserve/move/translate edits made in Aperture to Lightroom. If you know a way, let me know!

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