Day 172 – Father’s Day / Chalk Walk

First of all, Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you!

This morning, my parents and I went down to Fin Feather Fur in Ashland to let my Dad pick out his Father’s Day gift. We wanted to get him a good CCW handgun, so he picked out the Walther PPS. Great pistol!

Then, I took photos for an hour in Oberlin before my Grandma, aunt, and uncle came over for dinner. Oberlin had a Chalk Walk going on from 10-4 today, and there were some beautiful pieces of art! The colors were so vibrant! Of course, there were also lots of families and children just having fun drawing on the sidewalk. So, I worked on some of my photojournalistic skills.

View the full gallery from the 2009 Oberlin Chalk Walk.

Here are some samples from the gallery. Click on the photos to view them at a larger size:

Don’t forget to view the full gallery!

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