Initial thoughts on upgrading to an M2 Pro MacBook:

  • It looks a lot like my old 2008 MacBook Pro
  • The Migration Assistant is much better than the Migration Assistants of Yore (I think I first used one in ~2004), but it still failed on the first try, just like it did on my iPhone last month.
  • Using a Thunderbolt cable connected to both machines was the right move. Very fast migration.
  • This machine is stunningly fast. I can’t believe how much faster it is than my 2019 Intel i7. UI changes are instantaneous.
  • My Google Chrome Extensions didn’t transfer. Also, no surprise here, Chrome didn’t respect any of my previous preferences.
  • I miss the Touch Bar.
  • Keyboard is better.
  • Booting up from sleep is instant.
  • It drives two external screens much better than my 2019 machine.

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