While recovering from the flu I’ve decided to review my Reddit subscriptions. I’ve been spending more time there recently because of niche communities like /r/Tiki, and removing subscriptions is about all the mental work I can handle right now with this stabbing headache.

Communities I used to love that didn’t make the cut:

  • /r/castiron – Used to be a great place to source and identify cast iron 10 years ago, but now is full of people making the same stupid jokes. Also full of misinformation.
  • /r/kombucha – I used to make a lot of kombucha, but I’ve mostly stopped because I’m the only one who likes it in our house. It seems like every post is a blurry image of a scoby with a dot on it and the caption, “Is this mold?”
  • /r/HelloInternet – The podcast clearly is never coming back. Farewell my old friend.
  • /r/DataIsBeautiful – I joined this for inspiration when I was learning data visualization and messing around with D3.js. I’m not into that as much anymore, but also the visualizations are becoming more complicated than they need to be. The more complicated ones get the upvotes, the actual nice simple ones that I prefer get left in the dust.

I also removed some of the default communities that I hadn’t gotten around to removing yet. Nice to clean up that timeline a bit.

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