ChatGPT on the 2023 MacArthur Genius Grant fellows’ work

I saw the new MacArthur Genius Grant fellow list this morning and I only recognized a few names from the list, so I asked ChatGPT what I should be familiar with from the fellows. I mistakenly asked what I should read by them, forgetting that not all of them are authors, but I got good recommendations back for each field nonetheless. Thought I’d share.

The response:

Given the diversity and expertise of the Macarthur genius grant recipients you’ve listed, here’s a selection of works or major contributions from each of them that you might consider exploring:

  • Rina Foygel Barber:
    • Her research papers are mainly technical in nature. You can refer to her Google Scholar Profile for her most cited works.
  • Ian Bassin:
    • As a lawyer and advocate, Bassin’s impact comes through his contributions to legislation and policy. Check out Protect Democracy, an organization he co-founded.
  • Raven Chacon:
    • His compositions and art installations are best experienced directly. Refer to his Personal Website for a list of works and upcoming performances.
  • Linsey Marr:
  • Dyani White Hawk:
    • Her artworks such as “Listen” and “She Gives” can be viewed on her Official Website.

For further exploration:

  1. How has the MacArthur Fellowship influenced or changed the trajectory of past recipients’ careers?
  2. What’s the selection process for the MacArthur genius grant, and how do they determine the potential and uniqueness of a recipient?
  3. How have other countries or organizations replicated or been inspired by the concept of the MacArthur genius grant to support innovators and thinkers?

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