Week of September 18, 2023

This was not our week.

We ended a long, challenging weekend of potty training on a high note and felt pretty confident about Charlie telling us when he needed to go to the bathroom and holding it until we got there. Then we hit a wall because Charlie refused to use the potty at daycare. They only have regular sized toilets there with inserts, and we trained him on a tiny toddler-sized toilet. He was so thrown off by having to use a big toilet that we are back to square one, using diapers and regrouping until we can get another three-day weekend to try again.

Then the next day we got hit by COVID after successfully avoiding it for three years. It was surreal seeing a positive test after having seen so many negative ones.

Charlie and Amanda got pretty mild cases and mine was the worst of the house. I had fevers, vomiting, chills, sweating, and intense headaches for three days. That finally stopped by the middle of the third day, but the sore throat, cough, and fatigue are still here. Amanda’s developed into a chest cough. I break out in a sweat whenever I try to do anything physical.

Taking care of a toddler who is at full energy while you have Covid is quite challenging.

Hopefully next week is better 👋

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  1. Chris Hardie Avatar

    @cagrimmett oof, sounds really rough. Take care and I hope better days are ahead.

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