Week of September 11, 2023

Wildlife relocation count: Three groundhogs, two skunks. One groundhog eludes us.

We had a nice Friday night. We went to the local used book store and Charlie showed some real interest in browsing for books there. Then we ate outside at the new Gaucho’s Steakhouse, which was pretty good. N. Division St gets closed off Thursday-Saturday nights and all the restaurants on the street put out tables and hire local musicians. Charlie loved the live music.

I don’t think we’ll be going out to eat much this winter. Charlie is in a stage where he does not like to sit in one place in a restaurant, and if he can’t get down and move he starts to get loud. That is more acceptable outdoors at picnic tables than indoors, and since it is starting to cool down, it might be takeout only for us for a while.

Christie Wright convinced me to carry a tourniquet in the car. She recommends this Bleeding Control Kit from SAM. I ordered one for the car and one for my workshop, the two places I’m most likely to be around an accident that causes severe blood loss.

This was part of a conversation about what we travel with that is non-standard. Blog post about that coming soon.

Our tomatoes are almost done for the season. I picked the second to last batch of Firmino plum tomatoes on Saturday and made a small batch of pizza sauce that I really liked, based on this Detroit-style sauce recipe. Now that I know we like it, I’m going to make a bigger batch to freeze in 4-pizza quantities (roughly 3 cups each).

The tomatillos are still trucking along! They tend to keep growing until the first frost.

Looks like it is time to switch these garden beds to ground-level raised beds. The posts rotted out. I knew it would happen eventually, but I thought I had another year or two. I thought the plywood would go first. Oh well. Ground-level will mean easier access for Charlie, too, and he loves helping with the garden. I’ll have to make the fencing easily removable. I’ll probably do that this fall after the first frost, and make sure I have enough time to get some garlic planted.

We decided to start potty training Charlie this weekend. As I write this we are halfway through day two. We are making progress and cleaning up fewer messes on day two, but holding in our poop. All three of us are pretty tired, but staying calm and sticking with it. We are hopeful that by Tuesday he’ll have the hang of it.

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