Week of March 20, 2023

Spring is here! Nice to hear the frogs again in the wet areas of the woods. No wildflowers appearing just yet, but Charlie and I are keeping our eyes peeled on our walks.

I like the woods in early Spring. Warm enough to not need a coat, no bugs yet, and you can see a long distance since the leaves haven’t come in yet.

We started seeds, both indoor and outdoor this week.

Indoor: Magic Bullet tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos, red lipstick peppers, and rosemary. The tomatillos have already sprouted!

Outdoor: French Breakfast radishes, lacinato kale, spinach, cilantro, and Sugar Magnolia snap peas.

I have another type of tomato seeds coming this week, Firminio’s Plum Tomato.

Charlie is in a bird phase. He loves seeing birds outside. Whenever he does, he excitedly points to them and shouts, even if they are far off. He does the same thing with airplanes – “air pane!”

Since he has taken an interest, we made a birdhouse together out of a gourd and also hung a small birdfeeder on a window so he can see the birds.

Strep update: I went back to work on Tuesday and my throat finally stopped being sore on Friday. This is the first time in many years that I’ve taken antibiotics and they’ve messed up my stomach and made my urine smell funny. Not cool, but better than having strep.

Unfortunately Amanda picked it up a second time over the weekend, so we are still kind of in survival/recovery mode.

Sometimes you need to know when to say, “no blog post tonight, maybe tomorrow.”

Projects corner:

My weather blocks are now mobile friendly. Check them out at https://cagrimmett.com/weather

I figured out how many boards I need for the rock wall project: 8 of the 5/4 x 6in x 8ft pressure treated boards. I measured the side, divided it in half to make a right triangle, then dusted off my trigonometry to figure out the top angle and then made a Sheets formula for figuring out the length each of the boards will be.


Other projects:

  • I need to measure the second level shutters, which seem like they might be a bit shorter than the ones on the first level.
  • Looking for some patio furniture at a good price and a large corner swing arm umbrella.

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