Week of March 6, 2023

This week was kind of a blur. I had to go back through photos and text messages to piece it together.

  • Charlie was home sick from daycare on Monday, which made us feel behind at work all week.
  • Tuesday-Thursday had more urgent issues at work than usual. Days that involve regex and database rollbacks are not fun.
  • Amanda was sick Wednesday night and Thursday
  • Charlie has had some tough nights sleeping Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Charlie threw up more than normal this week. We think that he might be overeating, which is new. Hard to tell because only he knows when he is full.
  • Saturday brought some fun playtime with Charlie and a long nap where I got to hold him. I know those days will end soon, so soaking it up while I can.
  • Sunday we went on a nice walk in the woods and then had brunch at a friend’s house for his birthday. I made butternut squash latkes because he has Crohn’s disease and can’t eat regular latkes. Charlie had a great time being the center of attention. In the afternoon we cleaned the house.
  • Charlie is learning lots of new words and made a two-word request this week!

This week I also spent quite a bit of time planning out some house projects. We want to renovate the attic and turn it into a third floor living space, so I was on the hunt for an architect who could guide us through the local regulations and help figure out key components like where to put the stairs.

I’m kind of interested in getting solar panels, so I’m getting some estimates this week for that. Also pricing out shutter replacements and buying materials to build a climbing wall on Charlie’s swingset.

I know that if I don’t take action on these things right away, months will go by without them happening.

We decided to up our seed starting game this year with grow lights, so I got some set up. Ready to start some in a couple weeks! In the meantime, this week we plan to direct sow some radishes, spinach, and peas.

In what little spare time I have, I’m trying to make some styling updates to my Wunderground PWS blocks plugin. Here is what I have so far:

Next: Adding some sparkline trends, trying to figure out whether the pressure is high or low for our area and adding an indicator, and dialing in the color palette a little more (colors change based on the data).

What a crazy end to the week with Silicon Valley Bank being taken over by the FDIC. This doesn’t affect us or the companies we work for directly, but it does impact some projects we work on with third parties. I expect this will loom large in the tech consciousness for quite some time.

Unfortunately there are so many bad takes about what happened. When Lehman Bros went bankrupt in 2008 and kicked off the financial crisis, I spent a lot of my free time the next 4 years reading about money and banking and then much of my work time from 2012-2014 focused on it, too. I’m no longer very interested in that space, so I’ll spare you my take. I’m very curious what the FDIC/Fed/Treasury will announce on Monday morning. Do they have a buyout lined up? Are they setting a crazy precedent and making depositors whole without a buyout? Leaving depositors hanging and causing more runs? I guess we’ll see.

As is common during periods of financial turmoil, it is amusing to watch Nassim Taleb calling people with bad takes imbeciles and ignoramuses on Twitter. Never change, NNT.

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