Week of February 13, 2023

Sleep training toddlers is not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, while sleep training a toddler this week, I learned that I am faint of heart.

It did get easier by the fifth night.

I don’t have a lot to say this week. Work was pretty stressful, which coupled with the lack of sleep was tough. Charlie has been teething all week, too. Despite all that, he has been a lot of fun. He is picking up new things quickly!

I am concerned about how unseasonably warm it has been, but I have been enjoying it. Nice to take Charlie on walks and use the swingset again. I hope it doesn’t freeze and destroy all the flowers popping up.

I’ve been using my Micropub Shortcuts a lot this week. They’ve been very handy. One improvement I want to make: Pass highlighted text from a webpage into the action so it can be added to the content body as a quote. I also want to try adding a note with a like.

I’m publishing this early because I’m going to be mostly offline this weekend. My parents are visiting and we’ll be working on some projects, cooking, and hanging out with Charlie. See you next week 👋

My weekly roundup

I realized last week that I could use the Query Loop (I prefer the one from Generate Blocks because you can restrict the query with before and after dates, just like wp_query) to include the Microblog posts and Likes I’ve posted in the last week as a roundup in these weekly posts.

This week’s Likes

This week’s microblog posts

Repost from Amanda. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My new response to SEO spam emails: “What are your thoughts on microformats?” No replies yet. 🤷‍♂️

Crocuses are flowering already on February 14 and the daffodils are starting to pop up!

I noticed the daffodils on Feb 18 last year and the crocuses on March 10.

One of those tools that is really handy but hard to find once a year when you need it. Returns a file type and specific status code for you on a delay.

When AI is good enough to automate most information worker tasks, what will happen to the price of those services? Sam Altman thinks that the cost of manual labor will rise relative to digital labor. He is probably right, but I think there will be a new tier of information work that continues to have a high price: Concierge-style services, or people willing to pay extra to work with a human on a particular task instead of AI. Of course, the concierge might still use AI on the backend.

Good thing I enjoy woodworking and can fall back on that. Though I work on a digital concierge team right now focusing on WordPress, so maybe I’m covered either way. (And we do use things like ChatGPT and Copilot to accomplish some of our tasks… maybe the future is already here.)

It is ridiculous that my toddler’s room is the tidiest room in the whole house. Probably because he spends so little time in there.

I can think of a lot of ways to use this nifty little macro keyboard in my daily workflow. A friend sent me a photo of one on his desk today and I’m very tempted to get one.

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