Week of December 12

  • Around Thanksgiving Charlie and I were looking at a picture book with a turkey in it and I made a turkey sound that he found hilarious. Fast forward to this week, Charlie picked up that book and we were flipping through it. When we got to the turkey page, he started making the sound himself, even though he hasn’t heard it in a couple weeks. He remembers more than I thought!
  • One of Amanda’s favorite books growing up was Cockatoos by Quentin Blake, and we have a copy that we read with Charlie. I was surprised this week that by the middle of the book where the Cockatoos are hiding, Charlie was able to pick them out on most pages.
  • Another instance of Charlie’s image recognition and memory expanding: We occasionally watch shows like Sesame Street and Bluey when one of us doesn’t feel well and we need some snuggly downtime. Occasionally animals pop up one the screen that Charlie recognizes, and when they do, he goes and gets a book and excitedly points them out.
  • Charlie started throwing big-feeling toddler fits where he flops down on the floor crying and doesn’t want to be picked up and consoled. He has also been taking longer naps and eating more than usual, so maybe he is going through a growth and/or developmental spurt?

I had my Mastodon username in my Twitter bio before the rule changes went up. I wonder how long it will be before I get suspended? 🤷‍♂️

Edit: The rule change link now goes to a 404. Constant rule changes are a great indication of a healthy platform.

It was very cool to see art I made behind Matt during the 2022 State of the Word:

I did the circular rainbow using only WP core blocks for the Museum of Block Art:

I’m sick, which is a bummer, because this is one weekend where I would have really liked to have been well. I missed a date night with Amanda that we had been planning for a couple months and a concert (Modest Mouse’s Lonesome Crowded West 25th anniversary) with a friend that I was excited about (and I don’t usually want to go to concerts).

My Raycast Wrapped:

I’m thinking about redesigning my site to better incorporate my non-blog content (short posts with text, images, likes, bookmarks). Seems like a good January project instead of doing Genuary again.

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