Week of November 7

Charlie is getting better at making some animal sounds like “ruff ruff” and “moo.” It is adorable.

We went to a friend’s house last weekend and Charlie discovered the magnets on their fridge and loved playing with them. We have some art magnets, but they are difficult for his little fingers to pull off the fridge, so we ordered some fun magnets that he can play with. Now every morning while we are making coffee he has fun putting magnets on the fridge, pulling them off, transferring them to the dishwasher, etc. There are some on the garage door in my office, too. Great purchase.

This is the first Daylight Savings change that affected Charlie. On Monday he got up at 5am and we ran out of things to do, so I took him grocery shopping at 7am. He loves the grocery store.

So, what do you do with an energetic toddler at 6:30am? I still don’t know, but today we made some cinnamon bread together. I went into it knowing there would be a mess, and there was, but he enjoyed it.

It was Amanda’s birthday this week! I decorated the dining room, got a cake and her favorite ice cream, and threw a little get-together for her. Also planning on making her a nice dinner tonight (our sitter plans fell through so we canceled the restaurant plans) and soon going to Regarding Oysters to celebrate.

It feels like so much of what we considered our normal lives was put on hold during the pandemic and is now pretty different with a child, so we have to be flexible and celebrate whenever and however we can.

This Elon Musk Twitter takeover has been such a mess. Early on I thought it would go pretty well (cutting costs, shipping features faster), but in reality it is a lot worse than I thought.

The $8 verification has turned into a fiasco, with accounts impersonating huge companies:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Coca Cola
  • Tesla
  • SpaceX
  • Nestle
  • Eli Lilly
  • Every major politician you can think of

It has honestly been funny to watch, but I expect lawsuits to start popping up.

Advertisers pulling out, entire teams (including the communications team and accessibility team) fired, and reversal of their work at home policy. Like I said, a mess.

Meanwhile, the team over at Tumblr is having fun trolling Twitter with their Important Blue Internet Checkmark.

Combine that with the FTX.com bankruptcy and someone running off with the FTX.us assets, it is been a wild week on the internet.

Honestly, Mastodon is not the answer. It is a crappier Twitter and I don’t expect it to get better. Instead, I think I should spend my time reading more indie blogs and liking/responding via webmentions. I know this isn’t a great setup for everyone, but I feel it is right for me.

There are a number of new tools this week to find people who have Mastodon handles in their profile, but I’d like a tool that looks for blogs with RSS feeds. There has to be one out there. If not, modifying one of the Mastodon tools could do the trick.

Hoping to carve out some time this coming week to work on it.

Another related tool: shawnhooper / twitter-archive-to-wp – import your Twitter archive to a custom post type using wp-cli.

GitHub Blocks looks pretty cool! Kind of like the next iteration of bl.ocks.org or a GitHub-centric lightweight Observable.

If you update to macOS Ventura and have trouble with your SSH connections, you’ll probably need to add PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-rsa to your ~/.ssh/config file.

macOS 13 (Ventura) ships with a version of OpenSSH that “disables RSA signatures using the SHA-1 hash algorithm by default.”

Still reading Hernan Diaz’s Trust. I’m very close to the end. Maybe picking up Benjamin Rosenbaum’s The Unraveling or Monica Byrne’s The Actual Star next.

I’ve been more frustrated, irritated, impatient, and less empathetic than normal this week by small-ish things that don’t usually get under my skin. I’m not sure why, but I do know it isn’t other people, it is definitely me. I probably need to get outside, maybe start meditating again, and get back to my practice of writing down three things I’m grateful for each day.

I have a couple ideas for new posts on my neglected cooking blog. I need some time to put them together, but hoping I can make it happen!

The rosemary has been blooming like crazy. Almost time to bring it back inside since we are expecting some freezes this week.

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