Week of April 11

Our radishes sprouted!

We discovered that Charlie really likes oranges. He also discovered how to pull himself up to standing this week!

I started a new batch of orange bitters, trying to improve upon the first batch I made a few years ago:

  • Doubled the amount of orange peel
  • Added more bitter botanicals (wild cherry bark, cassia, quassia)
  • Removed the husk from cardamom pods and only added the seeds (which is what Gaz Regan did)
  • I’m also planning on replacing the water with fresh orange juice

I posted the recipe and my notes in my digital garden.

Also sprouting in the digital garden: Gathering notes on making amaro.

I made some traditional Easter Cheese with Grandma.

I tried to convince Grandma to cook the eggs very slowly to achieve more of a custardy consistency, but she wouldn’t have it. I think I may riff on this next year and make an Easter custard, and add some cinnamon and nutmeg, as some recipes call for.

I ate it on rye bread with ham and kielbasa. It was pretty good!


Termination Shock (2021 edition) | Open Library
Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson, unknown edition,
Eager (Mar 08, 2019 edition) | Open Library
Eager by Ben Goldfarb, unknown edition,

Ben Goldfarb is pretty funny in Eager. If you are into wildlife conservation, it is recommended.

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