Double Rainbow

While driving down the highway on the way back to our hotel in Cappadocia, we saw a beautiful rainbow. The bus stopped so we could shoot a few photos.

This was the first full rainbow I’ve seen from end to end. We were in the perfect spot. While we were standing there taking photos, a second rainbow appeared! I’ve never seen a double rainbow before, so I was thrilled. I promptly grabbed by 11mm wide angle lens and snapped this photo.

Read my favorite quote about rainbows from Ian Stewart’s Letters to a Young Mathematician, pages 7 and 8.

More photos from Cappadocia and Sanliurfa are coming soon!

4 responses to “Double Rainbow”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Beautiful! The terrain reminds me of the badlands in SD.

  2. April Harker Avatar
    April Harker

    I LOVE your photos. And I especially love how you tell your story. What an amazing opportunity and experience

  3. Deborah Avatar


  4. Matt Avatar

    Double Rainbow all the way, come on guys, no one is going to make the reference?

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