Giving Atom a try

I’ve used Coda by Panic as my IDE of choice for 10 years now, but I think it is starting to fall behind other tools. It isn’t updated often and there aren’t nearly as many community-built packages as other tools have. So I’m giving both Atom and Sublime a try. I’m trying Atom first.

In my first few days of use, here are some things I love:

  • d3-snippets package – The D3 is super powerful, but unless you use it every day, it is easy to forget the syntax for its huge array of features. I usually need to keep the documentation open in another window. With this package I just need to start typing what I need and I get a list of options with useful snippets.
  • language-liquid package – Finally, highlighting liquid syntax! Coda didn’t have this.
  • platformio-ide-terminal package – Yeah, opening in another window is easy. But having everything in one place is great.
  • It is so easy to find and install new packages for Atom. And there are so many!
  • Git integration – I usually use the command line for git, but I love being able to see which files in the sidebar are new, modified, and staged. Then with the click of a button I can commit and push them.
  • Easy customization – Within seconds I was able to switch themes and default fonts.
  • Multi line editing. Protip: On a Mac go to System Preferences > Mission Control and turn off the Control + Shift + Up Arrow and Down Arrow keyboard commands, which you can then use in Atom for multi line selection and editing.

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