Automating Blog Posts with AppleScript v2

I decided that my earlier attempt at automating creation of these TIL posts was still too manual. This one is better!

What it does:

  1. Creates a markdown file with today’s date and my specified string at the title.
  2. Launches Coda in the foreground and goes to my preset Jekyll blog site (
  3. Opens the file it just created in the front window.
  4. Expands the previous TextExpander snippet I created as a template for these TIL posts.

The Script

%filltop%  on textexpander(abbreviation)	 do shell script "cd ~/Projects/cagrimmett-com/_posts/til; touch %snippet:fname%"  tell application "Coda 2" 	activate window 	get site 6 of application "Coda 2" 	tell window 1 		connect to site 6 of application "Coda 2" 			open "Macintosh HD:Users:CAG:Projects:cagrimmett-com:_posts:til:%snippet:fname%" 	end tell end tell tell application "TextExpander" 	expand abbreviation ";tem" end tell  end textexpander

Here are what the other two snippets fill in:

fname– I had to make this a snippet instead of putting it in directly because in the filename creation string TextExpander didn’t recognize the date string. If you nest it inside another snippet, it works just fine. 


--- layout: post title:  author: Chuck Grimmett date: %Y-%m-%d category: TIL feature-img: "/img/defaults/%snippet:;random-img%" tags:  -  excerpt: 

--- ### Today I learned:

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