Easier Syntax Highlighting, Downloading WordPress.com Email Followers, and Jekyll Tools

Today I learned:

Easier syntax highlighting with Jekyll

So it turns out that there is an even easier way to do syntax highlighting in Jekyll than I described last week. Jekyll 3 has Rouge highlighting built right in.

To use it:

 {% highlight liquid %} Put your foo here 	bar end foo {% endhighlight %}  

I need to go back though my previous posts and remove the Pygments highlighting then uninstall the plugin. Rouge supports fewer languages than Pygments, but Rouge supports all of the languages I use, plus Liquid and Markdown, which Pygments doesn’t.

Downloading WordPress.com Email Subscribers

I learned today that it is possible to download a CSV of the email subscribers to your WordPress.com blog (or WordPress.org blog powered by WordPress.com’s Jetpack). They don’t make it obvious, but the option is there:

  1. Go to https://wordpress.com/stats/follows/email and log in.
  2. Select the site you want to download your email subscribers for.
  3. At the bottom of the list, you should see an icon and download button:

Download all email followers as CSV

Jekyll Tools

Last night I cleaned up some of my Jekyll templates and put them on Github with instructions for how to use them. Check them out:

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