How to keep track of files and requests in Slack

Today I learned:

How to keep track of files and requests in Slack

Slack is wonderful for collaborating with remote teams, but if there is a lot of activity at once, it can be easy to lose files and requests.

  • If I’ve seen the request or file, I acknowledge by marking it with , then I put it on my to-do list of choice, Wunderlist. (They have a great Slack command to make this easy: /wunderlist add)
  • If I’ve fulfilled the request or processed the file, I mark it with
  • If the request/file is no longer needed or I’ve tried to process it, encountered an error, and notified the appropriate parties, I mark it with so that I know in the future that there was an issue with it instead of assuming it was done and I moved on.
  • Using Slack’s great search functionality, I can easily visually figure out what I’ve processed and what is still outstanding.
  • If I get a request when I’m in the middle of something else, I copy the link and use Slack’s /remind command to remind me about it later in the day.

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