Jekyll Upgrades and Liquid Templates

Today I learned:

Upgrading Jekyll from 2.x to 3.x

  • The upgrade itself is simple: In Terminal, run gem update jekyll. Use sudo if you run into permissions issues like I did.
  • If you use pagination in any of your templates, you’ll now have to add gems: [jekyll-paginate] to the # Plugins section of your _config.yaml or else your site won’t compile. This wasn’t necessary in 2.x.

Making an index for my TIL posts in Liquid

I wanted to have an index for my TIL posts that was organized in two ways: reverse chronologically and by tag. Here is how I’m handling that with Liquid:

	### Recent TIL Posts 	 	 	 	--- 	 	### TIL posts by category 	 	{% for tag in site.tags %} 	  {% assign t = tag | first %} 	  {% assign posts = tag | last %} 	 	#### {{ t }} 	 	{% endfor %}


  • The general structure of the tags method comes from Joe Kampschmidt. I started searching when it didn’t work the same way as the categories method I wrote earlier.
  • This method for displaying tags works because I’m only tagging my TIL posts. Everything else goes into categories. If I were to tag other kinds of posts, I’d need to first limit by posts in site.categories['TIL']
  • Category names are case sensitive.
  • You can display raw Liquid markup without it rendering by wrapping it in {%raw%} and {%endraw%}.

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