Day 204 – Major Photo Edit

A few years ago, I did a major photo edit for a lady in my school district. The original 4×6 photo had 5 people in it, and she wanted the guy on the far left taken out, but there was a problem: the guy next to him had his arm around him. So, I spent about two hours putting the guy’s arm back in and fixing the back ground. Click on the image below to see the before and after at a larger size:

5 responses to “Day 204 – Major Photo Edit”

  1. Amanda Shalkhauser Avatar
    Amanda Shalkhauser

    Wow. Nice job!

  2. amanda Avatar

    wow! that’s amazing!

  3. William Avatar

    The question is why did she want the guy on the far left taken out? At least the two guys next to him were receptive to limb transplants. 🙂

  4. hankd Avatar

    the photo is just a little off. the guy in the green striped shirt looks like his arm is like three feet long. i would have taken the hand off of the shoulder… i really dont think that you needed it… but other than that it looks good. the guy on the end looks weird just in general so you could have had him doing jumping jacks and it would have looked ok… blahahahah

  5. cagrimmett Avatar

    @William: She wanted the guy on the end taken out because the other four were brothers, and the family needed a photo of only the four brothers for something.

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