Day 188 – More Kayaking & Misc.

I have only had my kayak out four times since I bought it a little over a week ago, but I am really enjoying it! I took it out tonight at the Wellington Reservation. Here is the view from where I sit:

Since I used my Dad’s camera to take the above photo, I found some pictures of me on it that he took down in Tennessee. Here is one of me in the hat I bought to keep the water from my paddle from dripping on my head:

Now for the misc. part:

I found two free cool Mac apps over the past few days: Adobe Kuler and The Unarchiver.

Adobe Kuler is actually an online application, but it has an Adobe AIR desktop plugin, so it has a nice desktop application. Kuler lets you browse, create, and download color schemes. You can import them straight into Photoshop or Illustrator. You can even create color schemes from photos! This is a must-have if you are a designer or artist.

The Unarchiver is an unarchiving utility. Yes, your Mac comes with one preinstalled in the system, but this one is better. It supports 30+ file formats, including some pretty obscure ones,and it can handle filenames with foreign character sets.

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  1. William Avatar

    I actually just discovered Kuler the other day too! I was using it to help render a color scheme for a web site I’m designing. I agree — it’s pretty cool.

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