Day 365 – Final Post

Year two thousand and nine has been an exciting, grace-filled year full of adventures, lessons, and valuable time spent with family and friends. This post draws my modified Project 365 to a close. Posting every day this year has been a challenge and a lesson in discipline, to be sure. Sometimes the posts came after midnight (never after 2 a.m., however), but there was a post for every day and the majority of them came in on time. My friend Emily Fisher did a good job making that happen by scolding me whenever she noticed a late post.

I did my best to make the posts interesting, and I hope you enjoyed them. I know some days were better than others. Those ‘better’ days were usually days I had time to go out and take photos specifically with the intent of posting them or write up some of my thoughts on various subjects. My girlfriend Amanda does a wonderful job writing down the ideas I have when we are together so I don’t forget them, as is too often the case with some ideas I come up with. Many of the things she wrote down for me this year turned into posts in one form or another. Other ‘better’ days were times when I travelled and posted photos/wrote about that day’s adventures. The not-so-good days were usually busy days when I didn’t have a lot of time to put into a post. I apologize for those days.

My immediate and near-future plans:
On this New Year’s eve, my parents and I are driving to Tennessee–a short, unexpected trip for a funeral. We plan on being back Monday, then I am driving by myself to Chicago for a quick visit with my cousin on Wednesday. I will be back Thursday night, then I am headed back to Hillsdale on Sunday, January 10. Somewhere in that time I plan on finishing Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer, a few Platonic dialogues (probably the Meno and Gorgias). As for my blog, I am beginning a redesign. I am not going to continue posting every day, but only when I have something interesting. I will definitely continue to post, though.

Whether you’ve been reading my blog all year or you just started, thank you for reading! Have a safe, wonderful New Year!

Read’s Google Analytics report for the 2009 year.

4 responses to “Day 365 – Final Post”

  1. Amanda Shalkhauser Avatar
    Amanda Shalkhauser

    Thanks, Chuck. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog daily. Happy New Year!

  2. Michael Henreckson Avatar
    Michael Henreckson

    I just read The Moviegoer a few days ago. 🙂

  3. Matt Noble Avatar
    Matt Noble

    Congrats on finishing the year strong!

  4. Bethany Avatar

    I have been confused over the past few days why I hadn’t seen any new posts from you… til I realized that it was indeed a new year and your 365 was up. Thanks for letting us tag along in your pictures and thoughts for this past year.

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