Day 316 – Richard Brookhiser

Author and journalist Richard Brookhiser has been on campus for the last week giving a journalism seminar, and will be holding a public lecture on Tuesday here on campus.

Today, he met with students in the George Washington Fellowship Program, and I was asked to stop by and take a few photos. Since the photos are for the college, most of them have both Mr. Brookhiser and students in them. When I was going through my photos, though, I found this one, and I like it a lot. I think it really expresses just how much emotion and expression Mr. Brookhiser puts into his lectures. The college probably has no use for this photo, so I decided to show it here.

One response to “Day 316 – Richard Brookhiser”

  1. amanda Avatar

    aaww I was looking forward to seeing his blue socks. :-p

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