Day 249 – What’s Different?

What is different about these two photos? Please leave your answers in the comments. This is for a project I am working on, so I appreciate your answers. Click on the photos to view them at a larger size. You can then toggle between the two to examine them.

A side note:

The 2010 New Internationalist Planner is now for sale! (The reason I am so excited about this is because the project Sean Nelson and I started, Illum, has two photos in there, and the photos are part of a display page on the planner’s sale page!) You can also buy the planner from Borders. By the way, I do not necessarily agree with most of New Internationalist’s views, but I am pretty excited that they wanted to use two of my photos for an international planner.
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12 responses to “Day 249 – What’s Different?”

  1. DF Avatar

    There seems to be some saturation different in the lower left corner, but otherwise I’m stumped.

  2. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar
    Jacob Shalkhauser

    The only difference I can tell, is a lighting difference.

  3. Daniel J. Lakemacher Avatar

    After toggling back and forth for less than a minute between the two photos, I have found no difference between them.

  4. J Lent Avatar

    On cursory examination, no difference.

  5. Abel Roasa Avatar

    I see nothing different between the two photos.

  6. Mom Avatar

    I see no differences. Congrats on the photos in the planner. Was this a paid endorsement? Or are you just satisfied with the exposure?

  7. AJ Kovacs Avatar
    AJ Kovacs

    I see Na-sing different between ze two.

  8. Jane and Ben Rubino Avatar

    Other than the top photo being a little more crisp, there is no difference in content.
    The pictures in the planner are terrific. Ben was pretty impressed.

  9. Josh Avatar

    Easy. The two pictures were taken at different times.

  10. Jackson Bierfeldt Avatar
    Jackson Bierfeldt

    I think the top one is a little darker than the one on the bottom. So yeah if your plan is to steal some famous artwork and replace it with a slightly brighter version, I think you’ll be found in a month, tops.

  11. Kevin Avatar

    I see no difference – however I am working with a disadvantage in the seeing department.

  12. Sam Pauken Avatar
    Sam Pauken

    The top one looks just a tad lighter. It’s almost impossible to notice so it may just be me.

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