Day 222 – More Thunderstorms

The weather has been pretty unpredictable these past few days.

While Brad and I were out on the boat this afternoon, and the sky and radar was clear when we went out. We ate lunch out on the lake (some sandwiches we picked up earlier) and all was well. We were a good distance away from the dock, and we kept traveling farther away. All of a sudden, one of us looked back, and the sky behind us was very dark and ominous-looking. Not wanting to get soaked, we decided to make haste back to the dock and try to beat the storm. We had to head into it, but we hoped we could go fast enough to get through it before the rain started coming down.

As we went into the dark clouds, I think we went through the actual front. As soon as we went into area covered by dark clouds, the air was instantly cooler and the wind hit us. Within a few minutes, the rain started to pour. Then it started to pour really hard. That would have been fine with us for the rest of the trip back to the dock, but lightning was coming down pretty close around us. Close enough that the thunder was shaking us. Luckily, there was a restaurant on the lake with docks we could tie to and get away from the lightning as quickly as possible.

We ended up ordering a few appetizers so we weren’t just using the restaurant as refuge. Luckily, the storm passed as quickly as it came. I checked the radar, and another line of storms was on its way, so we hightailed it to the boat and motored back to the dock. Just as we got back, the second line of rain came in, so we made it back just in time.

For the rest of the week, we will be a little more attentive to what is happening with the weather. Hopefully I will have some more photos tomorrow!

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  1. Mom Avatar

    I bet being that close to lightening was a bit harrowing!

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