Day 208 – Ohio / Tentative Schedule

Here is a shot I took a few days ago. This sign was put up in front of my town’s city hall during the Ohio Bicentennial in 2003. The sign is commemorating my town’s heritage as the Sandstone Center of the World.

Download the tentative weekly schedule for my fall semester in PDF format.

3 responses to “Day 208 – Ohio / Tentative Schedule”

  1. Gwen Avatar

    Yay for Austrian Econ! You’re going to love it, even though Dr. Steele may put you to sleep sometimes. 😛 We should take Austrian II in the spring, by the way.

  2. Amanda Shalkhauser Avatar
    Amanda Shalkhauser

    Let me know how “Understanding Music” goes. That sounds like it could be interesting.

  3. Mort Avatar

    I think we’re scheduled for two classes together right now – math and music. Should be fun!

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