Day 161 – Manhattan Adventure

The lectures and discussions at FEE ended a little earlier than normal today (we did not have any lectures or discussion after dinner), so 5 of us decided to take the train up to NYC for the evening. We wandered all around Manhattan and had a lot of fun. We didn’t know each other before Monday, so it was nice to get to know each other.

Here is what we did: We took the train from Irvington to Grand Central, then walked 30 blocks from Grand Central to the huge Strand book store (42nd to 12th, but probably a few more since we had to go over a few blocks, too). Books there were well-priced, so I bought 3 that I found: two books on various an-cap topics, and a book on faith. We then walked up by NYU, then found a pizza place and ate some really good New York style pizza. This was around 10:30. We walked around the NYU area a little more, then found a subway and took it to Times Square, where we walked around for a while, then make our way back to Grand Central in order to catch the last train back to Irvington.

I left my SLR camera at home, but I borrowed Dad’s point and shoot for the trip, so I took some photos during the adventure. View the gallery. (I appreciate you letting me borrow your camera, Dad!) Here is a quick shot I took at Times Square:

Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery!

3 responses to “Day 161 – Manhattan Adventure”

  1. Dad Avatar

    Looks like fun!

  2. mort Avatar

    Out of curiosity, what book on faith did you buy?

    Also, I really look forward to talking to you about your changing ideas in the fall. I’ve been thinking a lot recently as well, and would love to compare notes.

    Oh, and I’m really excited about my Microecon class this fall, so hopefully we’ll have some good conversations on that as well. Have a great summer!

  3. mort Avatar

    Ok, sorry that you have to moderate all of these comments. I’m trying to figure out what info I used last time to leave comments.

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