Day 153 – Hillsdale in WSJ / Birzer Pre-Order

Hillsdale was in the Wall Street Journal today! Read the article.

Also, Dr. Birzer, one of my history professors at Hillsdale, has a book coming out next February, and Amazon has it available for pre-order. Here is the cover:

Dr. Birzer has authored and co-authored many other books. I suggest checking them out.

One more thing to check out: I took photos of a preschool party that one of the classes at Steele put on today. Check out the gallery. A few photos towards the bottom are not mine, but most of them are. The rest of my day went just fine. I worked until 4:30, then went out to dinner at Famous Dave’s with my parents, then worked on a website for the rest of the evening. I am off to the House of Blues tomorrow evening, and I will probably eat at Fat Fish Blue beforehand, which should be pretty good!

Also: Props to Jacob Shalkhauser for informing me of typos on my post yesterday. I do not always carefully read what I post, so make sure to call me out on any errors you find.

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