Day 147 – Analytics Report

Download the 13 page analytics report for The report shows stats since I started the project 365 on January 1. It has some pretty neat data in it, so check it out!

The weather was rainy most of the day here, so I did not take track photos as I expected to. I am hoping to get out and take some photos tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and I am addicted to the iPhone/iPod Touch word puzzle application TextTwist Turbo. It is a must-download for anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Props to Sean Nelson for introducing it to me.

In other news, if you like party mash-ups, check out Mash-Up Your Bootz. They make wonderful mash-ups, and provide them to the public as a free download on their site. I have been listening to their stuff all evening. Props to HankD for telling me about Mash-Up. Girl Talk is also really good.

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  1. Kara Smarsh Avatar
    Kara Smarsh

    i like how girl talk is a side note.

    girl talk is awesome!

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