Day 135 – Samford University

Correction: My post yesterday said that my uncle is getting his PhD from the University of Alabama. This is wrong. He is getting it from Samford University.

The campus at Samford is beautiful! I had a little time to walk around and take some photos. More will follow tomorrow if I have some time after the commencement ceremonies.

My uncle did a public presentation of his dissertation today. Great job, Uncle Kevin (now, Dr. Higgins)!

Three shots of some of the buildings on campus:

My aunt, uncle, and their two children:

My uncle Kevin (the PhD graduate) on the right and his dad on the left:

My younger cousin Wyatt (I should have used fill flash on this, but I shot it at the spur of the moment when he was gazing at something in the distance):

3 responses to “Day 135 – Samford University”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Very nice shots. Does the University make Hillsdale look like (insert Papaw’s saying)? You know what I am referring to. Have fun.

  2. Dad Avatar

    Hey Wyatt!

  3. Dad Avatar

    Congrats Kevin! We are very proud of you.

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