Day 106 – Beautiful Day

First of all, Happy Birthday, Will Clayton!

It was in the mid-60s today! What a nice change from 30-40 degrees and rain. Unfortunately, I did not get a change to go out and take photos today. Spring Convocation was this morning, then I had a meeting with Dr. Jackson, microeconomics, 15 minutes to grab lunch, work for two hours, then a 1.5 hour phone meeting with a few people at TSI. Good news: I got an A on my second microecon exam! I am currently in a room on the third floor of Kendall preparing to work on my third paper for Dr. Jackson. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I have to do in the next week and a half.

Something to look at: Hillsdale College held an unveiling ceremony for a Jefferson statue that a donor had made and placed here. Since I was at work during the ceremony, I did not take any photos. Will Clayton was there, though! Check out Will’s blog post for today to see a photo of the new statue.

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