Day 99 – Cascarelli’s Pizza

David, Richard, and I went to Cascarelli’s Pizza in Homer for dinner tonight. This pizza had green olives, turkey, jalapenos, red onions, and an excellent, spicy red sauce.

I all of my classes except 1 are canceled for tomorrow, so I am driving home tomorrow morning for a short Easter break. I also have Monday off for travel, so I will be at home until Monday night. I am looking forward to it! I do have some school work to do, but it will be nice to be home, see family, and relax.

2 responses to “Day 99 – Cascarelli’s Pizza”

  1. Dad Avatar

    That pizza looks GOOD!

  2. William Avatar

    Argh! I shouldn’t have looked at this so late at night. Now I’m really hungry!

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