Day 95 – Crazy Michigan Weather

Long Exposure

Normal Exposure

I drove back to Hillsdale late this afternoon. When I arrived, it was raining, but relatively warm. It was still the same at 9pm after I got out of my exam review session. Then, after I was in my dorm for an hour, the temperature dropped and it was snowing like crazy! I went out and took the two photos above. The first one is a long exposure, and the second one is a normal exposure. I took the second one so you can see just how much it was snowing, since it is not clear from the long exposure (you can see the snow, but it is just lines under the street light). The building is Howard Music Hall, which is right across the street from my dorm. Click on the photos to view them larger.

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  1. Mom Avatar

    Wow, that is just crazy! It is April! Snow?? Good thing you took the second photo or I would have thought it was just rain.

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