Day 94 – Both Sadness and Hope

This article deeply scares me.

A part of the article, however, gives me hope:

“In Seoul, on Saturday, more than 100 anti-North Korea activists had burned a miniature model of a Taepodong 2 missile and clashed with police, according to South Korean media reports.”

It shows that at least some people will stand up for what they believe in. I am not sure clashing with police is a good thing, but at least they only burned their model missile and nothing else. I wish people in North Korea would do this sort of thing, but I realize they run the risk of being shot if they do so. The situation in North Korea saddens me. The North Koreans will never even have a chance at knowing freedom or peace with Kim Il around, or any Juche ideologues for that matter.

Government oppression, no matter where it is, really saddens and upsets me.

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