Day 93 – Back in Amherst

I am back in Amherst for the weekend to take care of a few things, namely getting fitted for a tux so I can go to Amanda’s prom at the end of the month. The above photo was taken in front of the Amherst Town Hall by my long exposure project with Sean Nelson, Illum. Click on the photo to view it large.

Also, good news: I got 100% on my CCA paper, and a B+ on my second American Heritage Exam with Dr. Birzer.

2 responses to “Day 93 – Back in Amherst”

  1. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar

    w00t! You’re back!

  2. Mom Avatar

    Hey, just because it was 2 in the morning doesn’t mean you can make typos! Reread your first sentence. Glad to have you home!

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