Day 88 – Epiphanies While Writing Papers

Epiphanies in two senses: 1.) I am getting great ideas while digging into the text of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler to support my arguments. 2.) I am realizing there is not as big of a difference between math, economics, and English as people think. All three are just different uses of the same basic approach: constructing arguments, logically moving through proving them, and providing ample support for those arguments. All three rely heavily on how you move through the matter at hand, and I think that if you figure out how to do one of these three subjects well, it will only take a little effort to apply those skills to another realm. I hope this works for me in the future. As for now, I am far from figuring out how to best approach any of these three.

I have been reading a decent amount online lately about dieting, and a blog I recently started following posted an article about effective dieting that I think is worth reading. The blog is not about dieting…it is just a personal blog from James Hogan at the Seasteading Institute. He outlines what has worked best for him over the last 9 years, and provides some tips for people who want to start on a diet. I suggest giving it a look.

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