Day 78 – Desktop Photo

I took the above photo on Sunday in downtown Charleston. I am currently using it as my desktop background, and I really like it, so I thought I would post a full-quality version for others to download and use as their background. Download a high-quality version of the above photo to use as your desktop background (right-click and select “Save Link As…”.

No photo gallery for today. A small group went birdwatching until 1 p.m., but the rest of us stayed at the hotel and hung out on the beach. Then, everyone hung out at the beach for the remainder of the afternoon. It was a bright, sunny, and warm day; perfect weather for lounging on the beach. I ended up taking photos for about an hour of people surfing.

I decided to try some new food today. I ate Mahi-Mahi for lunch and had coleslaw and rice with hash as sides for dinner. The fish was actually good, and I might start eating fish again after refusing to eat it for almost 12 years now. The coleslaw was okay, but not wonderful. The hash was made out of pork, potatoes, red peppers, and various other things. It was more enjoyable than the coleslaw, but not something to call home about (but it merits blogging about it, haha). Tomorrow, we are going to a pretty nice seafood place in Charleston, so I think I will continue my adventurous eating spirit there.

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  1. Mom Avatar

    Congratulations on trying the fish! I have never tried Mahi-Mahi. You are more adventurous than I. I will stick to perch and salmon.

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