Day 75 – Charleston Day 2

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Today, Monday, March 16, we explored Charleston some more. Mortier and I broke off from the group to find the only Apple Store in South Carolina to get his MacBook Pro fixed. The nice people at the Apple Store squeezed him in, even though all of the appointments were filled for the day. Also, I had been taking photos out on the street, so I walked into the store with camera in-hand and a few of the employees immediately came over and started chatting with me about photography–such nice people! Mort and I then ate lunch at a really good deli named Groucho’s and walked around the town taking photos and exploring. We met up with some of the rest of the group and walked around some more. There are so many things to do in the downtown area that we did not get bored at all.

Later that day, my cousin’s sister-in-law, who lives in Charleston now, came and picked me up and we hung out for a while. We were in my cousin’s wedding together; it was nice to see her again!

Check out the gallery of my photos from day 2.

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    Wow! Beautiful photos! Great views!

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