Day 70 – Anticipation and Excitement

I have been looking forward to the end of this week for a while now. I only have a few days left to get through, then I will have a much-awaited break! Above is a photo that I took the last time I was in South Carolina a few years ago. I hope to have many nice pictures from this trip. Check my blog daily for updates! Also, click on the photo to view it large.

Another future reason for excitement is that I finalized three things for the summer in the last two days. I lined up a photography job for a wedding in August and I signed up for two week-long FEE seminars. The first seminar is on Austrian Economics and runs June 10-14 at FEE’s headquarters in NY. The second seminar is the Young Scholars Colloquium and runs July 13-17 at Northwood University in Midland, MI. If you are interested in attending any FEE seminars, visit their website to see what they are offering.

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