Day 68 – Spring is on its way!

Spring is on its way! It has been relatively warm here for the past week and it is wonderful. Spring break is also coming up next week. I am going to Charleston, SC for the week. It should be lots of fun!

I of course did not take this photo during the spring, because blueberries ripen in the late summer. I took it towards the end of the summer a few years ago, but I posted it because it had bright, cheerful colors.

My parents, grandma, aunt, and uncle paid me a surprise visit at college today on their way back from Chicago. I showed them around campus and they took me out to dinner. Our visit was short, but it was nice to see them! For the rest of the evening I have been working on a paper for Dr. Birzer, due on Friday.

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  1. Mom Avatar

    It was nice to see you too! This is one of my favorite photos. Beautiful colors.

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